Mastering Marketing Leadership

RBMA Bulletin, November/December 2015

For a marketer to truly lead, you have to gather information, constantly innovate yet be adaptable, be accountable, collaborate, and be prepared to listen.

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The End of the Marketing Funnel

RBMA Bulletin, September/October 2015

Well, it’s time to put down the rainbow punch, throw order out of the window, and recognize that the funnel no longer accurately represents the reality of marketing and brand exposure.

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Strengthen Your Digital Footprint

RBMA Bulletin, July/August 2015

Want to get in front of your target audience? Want to be recognized with authority and increased credibility online? Look no further than your digital footprint.

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What’s Your Story?

RBMA Bulletin, May/June 2015

Determine whom your story matters to and why. Think about why your customers choose to do business with you, and what makes them come back.

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Productivity Hacks

RBMA Bulletin, March/April 2015

Everyone wants to learn how to do things better and quicker. Break free from the swarm of distractions. Ask yourself what you can do to be more productive.

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Features vs. Benefits

RBMA Bulletin, January/February 2015

The key to writing for your audience is to create content that is both valuable and helpful to your potential customers. However, many content writers experience a couple of problems with this.

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Your Customer has Changed

RBMA Bulletin, November/December 2014

Buyer personas are real examples of your target audience based on the needs and wants of real decision makers. Through the exercise of creating buyer personas, you will be able to identify more than broad-stroke demographics.

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Social Media Marketing

RBMA Bulletin, September/October 2014

When you’re ready to spend some money on your social engagement, there are a few options to choose from, and strategies that will help improve your success.

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Mobile Website Optimization

RBMA Bulletin, July/August 2014

A quick glance around a public scene will tell you that mobile usage is increasing at staggering rates yet many businesses do not have websites that are mobile-friendly.

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Drive Deeper Engagement with Content Marketing

RBMA Bulletin, May/June 2014

Content marketing is a shift from a traditional “push” marketing strategy to a “pull” strategy, where companies focus on producing or curating timely, relevant, and valuable content that is aligned for the interests of the audience that is being targeted.

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