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Ali`i Design's Principal & Creative Director, Kim Kelley, devotes a portion of her time to public speaking, writing articles for industry journals and as a professional source for interviews. She has presented numerous topics on marketing, graphic design and social media at educational conferences.

If you are looking for a speaker for your event, conference or webinar, or a marketing source for an interview, contact Kim at


How to Manage a Social Media Crisis

RBMA Bulletin, March/April 2014

A social media crisis can be defined many ways. For some, it could mean an employee or page admin that accidentally posts an insensitive comment, a string of negative commentary by patients that threaten your reputation, or the release of confidential or private patient information.

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Expand Your Brand

RBMA Bulletin, January/February 2014

Learn 5 tips for solid brand growth to kick off a New Year.

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Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!

RBMA Bulletin, November/December 2013

This article takes a look at song titles that reflect the intense state of the radiology industry.

Trying to focus your marketing efforts on physicians, patients, hospital partners, and community leaders is creating some Blurred Lines. These days you have to manage the experience of multiple audiences, and to say The Times They Are a-Changin' would be an understatement. There will be days when there Ain't No Sunshine and you may want to say Take This Job and Shove It. Read More

A Skeptics Guide to Social Media

RBMA Bulletin, January/February 2013

As a whole, businesses from all types of industries have been early adopters of social media for business use—quickly recognizing how it can leverage business growth. The radiology industry, on the other hand, has been a bit slower to respond to the social media movement—primarily because many are struggling to understand how to balance the investment of time... Read More

Speaking Out On Social Media

Health Imaging, May 2013

Social media has become a force to be reckoned with. Three experts share their thoughts on why and how radiologists can leverage social media to better their practices and connect with their patients.

Kim Longeteig shares her knowledge of social media metrics and return on engagement beginning on page 4. Read More

Competitive Edge: The Art and Science of Branding

AHRA Radiology Management, November/December 2010

Establishing a competitive edge consists of crafting a brand, identifying a unique position in the marketplace, and executing a brand strategy. Branding is much more than a logo, tagline, or new tri-fold brochure. It is more than the message a marketer carries into the field. Branding is a promise . . . a promise that is delivered. It is the equivalent of building a reputation and... Read More

Once Upon A Time… Telling Isn’t Selling

RBMA Bulletin, January/February 2008

Everyone loves a good story. Stories have a way of connecting our audience to a historical time and place. They paint pictures and teach us lessons. Stories can be rich in detail, and when the storyteller is a good one we stay captivated right up until the end. But when it comes to imaging services and profitability is at stake, storytelling often falls short of selling service. Read More

Starting a Marketing Department

RBMA Bulletin, May/June 2004

A marketing department begins with a plan that is developed based on many factors: your current situation, available budget, and the allocation of those dollars, short term and long term practice goals, the types of efforts you will pursue to achieve results, and systems for accountability. Most of all, your plan needs to be flexible because market conditions and practice goals... Read More